Sabrina Sorensen


This customer did not write a review.

Sabrina Sorensen - 11/24/2021

Eric Bell


This customer did not write a review.

Eric Bell - 11/24/2021

Phil Dunlop


No problems at all. You should be a bit creative in parking, there are only a couple slots in front of the clinic, but there is ample parking in the area, just look around. Also, on my pickup day there was about 20 folks waiting, so, enjoy the visit.

Phil Dunlop - 11/23/2021


Tracy Sendejo


Extremely informative and thorough evaluations. The medication is helping me in many different aspects of my journey.

Tracy Sendejo - 11/10/2021

Kaylin Rose Vlogs


This customer did not write a review.

Kaylin Rose Vlogs - 11/10/2021

Terry Saffron (aka ZzSteelerzZ)


"Always excellent service!!"

Terry Saffron (aka ZzSteelerzZ) - 11/10/2021


Candy Brintnall


I was skeptical but at the urging of a friend submitted a request for medicinal cannabis through Texas Cannabis Clinic. They did all the work necessary to get me approved. I haven't been this pain free in years. I highly recommend Dr Brimberry and his incredible staff. Their level of professionalism and communication is top notch.

Candy Brintnall - 11/3/2021

Barry Buttrum


This customer did not write a review.

Barry Buttrum - 11/3/2021

Teneha Moffitt


This customer did not write a review.

Teneha Moffitt - 11/3/2021



This a video of Rick Branson. He is a great man with a wonderful sense of humor and we are lucky to be involved in his care. Compassionate Cultivation shot this video of Rick and his wife as they take on ALS using cannabis as one of the tools for making each day the best it can be.


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