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We only offer virtual telemedicine consultation. We accept all major credits and bank debit cards.

Do I Qualify? 

We will review your records for FREE to ensure you qualify for the Texas Compassion Use Program. IF OUR CLINICIANS CANNOT QUALIFY YOU AT THE INITIAL VISIT, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. There is no risk in registering with our clinic for your case to be reviewed.


Initial Virtual Visit           

Before your first consult, our team collects your records from your specialists in order to confirm your diagnosis. Our clinicians personally review your records in preparation for your first visit.

During your first consult, our clinicians will make the determination of your eligibility status. Once qualified, our clinicians develop a personalized treatment plan and then you can contact the dispensary for your medicine. If it is determined that you are not qualified you will not be charged. 

If it is determined that you are not qualified you will not be charged.


Follow Up Virtual Visits

At your follow-up visit in typically 3-4 weeks, we will review your progress and make any adjustments necessary. 


PTSD Virtual Evaluation with Therapist

Do you suffer from PTSD symptoms? Receive an evaluation by our licensed
professional counselor to qualify for certification in Texas CUP. Once qualified,
you may proceed with your “Initial Virtual Visit” with a Certified Medical Cannabis


No show to virtual appointment

If we confirm with you a virtual appointment and you do not show up to the
appointment then you are at risk for a $25 fee.
If you cancel before 24 hours of your virtual appointment you will not be charged.



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