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We offer virtual telemedicine appointments - we do not offer in-person visits. We accept all major credits and bank debit cards.
Payment is not collected until after you're approved for medical THC prescriptions from our medical marijuana doctors. 

 Qualifying Conditions

The Start-Up Cost to Get Approved for MMJ with TCC          

Why $180?

The cost includes; your appointment fee, access to the patient portal to message your doctor directly 24/7 with a quick response time, customer service support via text/ calls, registration with CURT (the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas) and dose guidance for 12 months. Please let us know if you're a veteran to receive a discount on your first visit. 
TCC does not accept medical insurance at this time (we hope, eventually, we can!)

How do I schedule, now that I know what I'm paying for?

1). Request an appointment using the tab at the top of this page or the menu
(three lines at the top right)

2). Follow the prompts and attach proof of your qualifying condition (Text us if you have questions 512-892-7092)

3). See one of our marijuana doctors via video visit to get approved!
THAT'S IT! Once approved, our clinicians develop a personalized treatment plan for you and then you can contact the dispensary to fill your medicine.

You will be in CURT (The Compassionate Use Registry of Texas)/ approved for 12 months.
If it is determined that you are not qualified you will NOT be charged - unlike other offices, there's NO hassel with paying us and waiting for a refund, if you're not given a prescription.


Have you been approved by another clinic or state? Want more guidance?

Show proof of previous certification by another clinic in Texas or out of state and you will be offered either a 6 month ($110) or 12 month approval ($180)

$110 - $180


We'll touch base with you every 6 to 12 months

At your 12 month mark: If you choose to renew your CURT participation, you will be required to renew your prescriptions through a video visit/appointment ($110 for 6 months or $180 for 12 months) with our docs to review your progress and treatment plan. They will make any needed adjustments to your ratios and dosage, and provide you with another 6 or 12 months worth of milligrams to fill at the dispensary. Of course if you run out within your renewal timeframe, you can call/ text us requesting more. 

These follow up visits are also beneficial so we can let you know about any developments in the Texas marijuana laws and about any new products available to you.

$110 for a 6 month renewal/ certification

$180 for a 12 month renewal/ certification

$110 - $180

As needed video appointments 

Occasionally, patients need visits between their appointments ($75).
We see this mainly in our very young, complex, or elderly patients. These are titration appointments, for fine tuning your dose, to address questions, concerns as needed. 

Proof of participation in TCUP through Texas Cannabis Clinic  

FREE with an appointment/ approval!
Since Texas does not issue a medical marijuana card, medical cannabis card, marijuana license, MMC etc...  We will provide you access to your patient portal and an official letter stating you were seen/ approved by our clinic as well as entered in the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas, CURT. 


 Appointment Request


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