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We only offer virtual telemedicine consultation. We accept all major credits and bank debit cards.

Do I Qualify? 

We'll review your records for FREE to ensure you qualify for the Texas Compassionate Use Program. IF OUR CLINICIANS CANNOT QUALIFY YOU AT THE INITIAL VISIT, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. There is no risk in requesting an appointment with our clinic. 


 Qualifying Conditions

Initial Virtual Visit (6 mth certification)           

To get started you can 1). Request an appointment 2). Attach proof of your qualifing condition
3). See one of our clinicians via video visit to get certified for the Compassionate Use Program of Texas. 
THAT'S IT! Once certified, our clinicians develop a personalized treatment plan for you and then you can contact the dispensary for your medicine.

Your certification will be good for 6 months. If it is determined that you are not qualified you will not be charged.


Recertifications Every 6 Months

At your 6 month mark you will be required to recertify with a clinician to review your progress and treatment plan. They will make any needed adjustments to your ratios and dosage, and provide you with another 6 month Rx. 


Televisits Between Recertifications (if needed)

Occasionally patients need visits between certifications. We see this mainly in our very young, complex, or elderly patients. These are titration appointments and to address questions, concerns as needed. Do you want to consult with a clinician between 6 month recertifications? We’re always here for you.


Cannabis Certification Transfer

Show proof of previous certification (in Texas or out of State) and we will transfer your certification to TCC.



 Appointment Request


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