How to get Medical Marijuana


Easy as 1-2-3!!!


Step 1: Schedule a video visit appointment*:

Choose a convenient time for your 20 minute video visit with a clinician. 

Schedule Virtual Appointment


Step 2: Proof of diagnosis/records:

Upload your proof of diagnosis. Alternatively, we can pull your records from your specialist or GP. If you are suffering from PTSD, you may use your appointment for a PTSD evaluation/diagnosis as well. 


Step 3: Video visit / Rx:

Meet with one of our cannabis clinicians via telemedicine for a TCUP APPROVAL, RXs and personalized treatment plan. 



Call the dispensary for your medicine. Your approved prescriptions will be good for 6 months, refills included- just call to request more if you need it.

*If we receive records/proof and you’re able to pay for services, it’s VERY possible you can be approved within the SAME DAY of requesting an appointment.



Renew your prescriptions:

After 6 months of being in the Texas Compassionate Use Program, you will be required to renew your treatment plan with a clinician to review your progress and to make sure you have access to all the new products offered by the dispensary. Your prescripions will then be extended another 6 months, meaning you only need to see us twice a year but we can still make sure you're up to date with what's new when it comes to cannabis in Texas!

Want to check in with your TCC doctor more frequently?


Additional services, if needed:

★ TCC is always available for telemedicine visits in between your approval appointment and renewal appointment at a nominal fee.

★ Already registered in another state or the Texas Compassionate Use Program by another clinic ?
You will be able to transfer your care to TCC for $110 instead of full price. 

★ Do you have undiagnosed PTSD and need a PTSD evaluation/ diagnosis? We can evaluate and diagnosis you, included in your initial appointment!

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We Serve All of Texas Through Telehealth