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How much does it cost if I am approved through your clinic?

Starting 01/01/2021 we will be allowing our patients to pay by credit and debit cards for our consultations. 

You can find our price list here.

Is Medical Marijuana legal in Texas?

Yes! Medical marijuana is legal if you qualify for the medical conditions specified by the State of Texas, Texas Cannabis Clinic can provide you access to the state's Compassionate Use Program. Using the program you can access one of the state's dispensaries.

Can patients grow cannabis at home?

No. Patients in Texas are not permitted to grow their own marijuana. While some other states allow the cultivation of plants by patients, Texas does not. In Texas, you must buy your low dose THC cannabis products from a licensed state dispensary under the recommendation of your physician that is certified with the Compassionate Use Program. The dispensaries can be found here

Can I share my cannabis?

No. Medical cannabis products are only available to licensed patients and is only legally obtained through a licensed state dispensary. If a patient is a minor or incapacitated, then a guardian or designated caretaker can pick up the medical marijuana from the dispensary for the patient whether it be in Austin or elsewhere.

Will I be able to buy flower cannabis and smoke or vaporize it?

No. The State of Texas only allows dispensaries to make tinctures, pills, lozenges, gummies and sprays of cannabis products at this time. There are very high quality standards that the dispensaries have to abide by to produce medicinal grade CBD and THC for the residents of Texas. State law prohibits the dispensaries from providing cannabis in a dry leaf form that could be used for smoking. 

Is this the same as CBD I can buy at the store?

No. If our physician certifies you into the Compassionate Use Program (CUP), you will have access to CBD/THC products with (or without) the natural occurring terpenes that are not allowed to be sold in any stores in Texas. The products coming from the CUP are recommended by the physician at the correct milligrams per body weight as previously studied. The high quality standards of the dispensaries will not allow pesticides or chemicals to be present in the medicine. Each dispensary must grow, harvest, process and package all the medicine.

Do I need a Medical Marijuana card for the dispensary?

No. You only need a proof of ID to pick up your medical marijuana product at the dispensary. If you need your caregiver to pick up your medical marijuana, our physician can add them you your profile. 

Do you accept insurance?

Starting 01/01/2021, Texas Cannabis Clinic will only accept credit card payments. 


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